Fidelity Top Technologist to Receive Innovation Award

Last week, the Boston Business Journal announced that Fidelity’s Enterprise Chief Technology Officer, Steve Neff, will receive the magazine’s annual corporate CIO Award. We are honored that Steve’s efforts to help our customers use technology to improve their financial lives are being recognized.

Investing in technology innovation leads to breakthrough changes that can dramatically transform customer experiences, our business and the world around us. Steve has helped many of us in the technology field at Fidelity think differently about innovation, the pace of change and how technology can help simplify the complex world of financial services for our customers.

Steve has said that this award is really a reflection of the hard work and dedication of the 13,000 technology professionals who work at Fidelity today — nearly a quarter of the company’s workforce — in the US, Ireland, India and China.  And it is an acknowledgement of the more than more than $2.5 billion invested in technology efforts each year across the company. With more than 100 active patents, Fidelity throughout its history has been and will continue to be committed to innovative technology that provides investors access to Fidelity’s financial services expertise.

Examples of why Steve received this award:

  1.  Giving back to the community is a core philosophy at Fidelity.  Steve has been an active board member of Common Impact, a Boston-based nonprofit organization that has pioneered a unique approach to creating skills-based volunteer programs that match Fidelity volunteers with high-performing nonprofit organizations. Our employees have the opportunity to manage a project with immediate benefits for their communities, combining collaboration, learning, and talent development, while at the same time helping others.

  2. Steve has helped us better understand how younger generations are using technology differently today - in new and more innovative ways. He brought us “Leap,” the technology onboarding and training program for recent college graduates. He gave each member of our IT leadership a “reverse mentor” to help them stay up-to-date with rapidly evolving technology trends and to better understand how our customers will use technology in the future. 

  3. Steve strengthened Fidelity’s culture of responsibility, integrity, compassion and expertise. By holding Global Architecture Forum for our IT architects across Fidelity, as well as global applied innovation conferences – known as “InfoFest” – we can continue to enhance our culture and create a more robust and innovative technology community at Fidelity. As a result, we are more nimble and agile – traits needed to compete in the today’s constantly evolving marketplace.

 We are delighted that Steve has been recognized for his great work and very fortunate to have him as one of our innovation and technology champions. Click here to learn more about Steve and the award.


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